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Fairy tales Grimm, Jacob & Wilhem grimm2

The second Grimm CD contains 15 fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm; among them are some of the most famous:

Faithful John, The Good bargain, The Strange Musician, The twelve Brothers, The Pack of Scoundrels, Little Brother and Little Sister, Rapunzel, The Three Little Men in the Woods, The Three Spinning Women, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Snake-leaves, The White Snake, Straw, Coal and Bean, The Fisherman and his wife, The Brave Little Tailor. 

Naturally, these fairy-tales having become classics a long time before, now edited in a humanistic vestment, do not need any special recommendation. So we restrict us to the friendly invitation of Apuleius, at the beginning of the “Golden Ass”: “Reader (or listener), attention! You will be amused.” 

CD 58 pages, pdf-file
ISBN 978-3-938905-29-6
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